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Sally Reynolds visit8th

Veteran's Family Visit - A Thank You to Pat from June 2016

Dear Patricia,

Our visit with you, with all of you, meant so much to Norman and me. You have accomplished so much for so many people. We can't thank you, your husband, Jim, and the others for their thoughtful and generous contributions in capturing an important time for all of us. We will never forget our time spent with you. Norman and I were both touched by the installation of the pieces of my Father's plane and for all your work on the scrapbooks and for so beautifully displaying everything you have.

We will be returning to Houston on July 1st and after we get back, I will be sending you an official thank you note.

It was simply wonderful to be with you. I do hope you can recruit a few others to follow in your committed and able footsteps.

We send you all our love. Thank you for the coffee and cookies, too!

Sally and NormanĀ